Controlling the Building Environment

Pre-fabrication mitigates risks associated with construction elements that once seemed uncontrollable: unpredictable weather, challenging material installations, waste accumulation and more. Our dedicated Pre-fabrication Team reviews all projects for pre-fabrication opportunities. They also support our project teams to achieve more organized sites with improved construction operations from the conceptual phase through design development and into completed installation.

At 百家乐软件, we’ve utilized pre-fabrication on over 100 projects, improving schedule and cost certainty, reducing on-site labor density, ensuring manpower consistency and decreasing safety incidents. Through pre-fabrication, we provide superior levels of quality by producing finished products in controlled factory environments and delivering materials on-site only when they are installation-ready. 百家乐软件 has experience with all four of the modular and pre-fabrication approaches listed below.

Modular & Pre-fabrication Approaches

  • Volumetric Multi-Room: A Volumetric Multi-Room construction approach is the most design intensive, requiring early integration and planning to drive success. Volumetric Multi-Room modules are only limited by the size that can be shipped and include both repetitive and non-repetitive structures. The approach is ideal for residential, medical, and other programs where offsite manufacturing is advantageous to the project.
  • Volumetric Single Room: A Volumetric Single Room construction approach is ideal for environments with repetitive elements (i.e. bathrooms, hotel rooms, exam rooms, etc.) that can be pre-fabricated off-site in a controlled environment and shipped as a fully complete unit.
  • Exterior Systems: Exterior System pre-fabrication is a great solution for fast-tracking a building enclosure. Multiple elements and materials can be incorporated into one panel, accelerating the installation sequence and eliminating the number of workers on-site.
  • Small Assemblies: Small assemblies pre-fabrication is the most flexible and easily integrated approach, allowing for later design integration. It can be incorporated in a variety of areas of a building and includes both single and multi-trade assemblies. This solution reduces installation time and is a major contributor to minimizing workers on-site. The approach is ideal for mechanical piping stacks/risers, overhead MEPs, headwalls, and many other labor-intensive components which can be built entirely off-site and brought on-site for assembly.
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